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Your health and state of well-being is important to us. When you feel better, we feel better. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and effective course of treatment to aid in achieving a state of health.

Established in 2008, Elements Osteopathy is a Healthcare Clinic that offers osteopathic treatment for both people and pets.  Our services aim to assess and treat the relationship between structure and function in the body and promote balanced health through structural alignment.




Osteopathic Practitioner

Animal Osteopath

With a deep commitment to holistic well-being, Karyn is a seasoned Osteopathic Practitioner known for her passion and integrity. As a proud mother of three and devoted owner of three dogs, she brings a unique blend of compassion and expertise to her practice.


Having embarked on a journey in Osteopathy, Karyn holds a Masters of Osteopathic Science from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, where she graduated in 2015. With a passion for both humans and animals, Karyn has been serving the Greater Essex community since 2008.

Driven by a dedication to our furry friends, Karyn completed a one-year post-master program in Animal Osteopathy. This unique specialization allows her to extend her expertise to the well-being of all animals, fulfilling a lifelong commitment to the welfare of both people and their furry companions. Expanding the practice to include animals has been incredibly rewarding.  Karyn takes pride in offering care to a diverse range of animals…big and small, farm animals to house pets. 


Karyn firmly believes in the founding principles and philosophies of Osteopathy and strives to promote optimal health and balance in her patients.

In 2008, Karyn founded Elements Osteopathy, first as a Massage Therapist, a welcoming space where inclusivity is paramount, and judgment has no place. Karyn provides a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is embraced. Through her compassionate approach and commitment to diversity, Karyn ensures that everyone—whether human or four-legged—feels valued, understood, and empowered on their unique journey toward well-being.


With a wealth of experience and a passion for promoting health, Karyn continues to be a trusted practitioner dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and animals alike.



We value compassionate care and focus on providing the highest level of care for both you and your pets. We believe in a holistic approach to human and animal health. We are committed to improving the lives of our patients through the principles of osteopathy, promoting natural healing and balance.

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